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This could be the view from your new desk at ASV Law


Why ASV Law?

ASV Law is an established international high-profile law firm with an award-winning team that delivers successful legal services to billionaires, Royal Families, global corporate organisations, world-wide media and sports stars as well as some of the top sporting clubs in the UK, the team at ASV Law is connected to some of the most significant players in business, the media and sports. Competing with some of the top global UK law firms, ASV Law punches well above its weight.

With a Knightsbridge base, you will have access to some of the world’s largest and most successful businesses but will have the benefit of working from your own location, saving you the time and cost of travelling to an office each day whilst enjoying full support from the firm.


What does ASV Law offer to you?

We will contract with you as a company and work with you on a fee-sharing basis where we share the fees from the work you generate and bill to the client. Remuneration will be on a monthly basis from the client invoices paid during the previous month.

As well as the support mentioned below you will benefit from retaining a substantial part of the income you generate and which will be paid to you on a monthly basis from bills paid by the client during the month. You will also receive a generous referral fee from simply passing on a matter that is not within your area of expertise to an ASV Law colleague, never losing the opportunity of generating more income.

You will have access to a leading legal cloud-based case-management system allowing you to log in from anywhere in the world and progress your matters, giving you complete control to work where you want and when you want.

We have a marketing company supporting us carrying out social media campaigns and ensuring we remain highly visible to the decision-makers on legal services.  We are proactive in our marketing of the firm and will also market you as an individual to support your caseload. We will also talk to you about marketing ideas that you can implement yourself.

You will have your own page on our website and we will promote you as part of our ongoing marketing.

Access to a prestigious address office in Knightsbridge should you need a meeting room or need to see a client.  We also provide hot desks in London should you require the use of a desk for the day and a receptionist managing calls on your behalf.  Daily post will be scanned directly to you on the day it arrives so you can progress the matter.

The firm provides the back-office infrastructure leaving you free to concentrate on practising the law and acting for clients and doing so without the interruption and hassle of commuting or the office environment.


What do you offer to ASV Law?

You will have had a highly successful career so far in a major law firm with at least 10 years post qualification experience but have decided that you want greater flexibility over your working time and location.

You may already be a Consultant at another firm but do not feel fully supported or are not receiving the level of benefits you could receive with us.

A following and significant annual billing that will move with you to us.


Call for further information and a confidential conversation; bring your future forward, start it now


Call or email Stewart Graham, Chief Operating Officer, of ASV Law now or go to the Contact Us page

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