Crisis Response
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Crisis Response

ASV Law Ltd has extensive global experience of dealing with crisis which could potentially threaten reputation, key relationships, and the financial stability of the business.  We analyse the challenges involved, whilst taking into consideration any participating party(ies), with the aim of providing a rapid and specific response.    We will scope investigations appropriately, proactively address any damage caused, communicate regularly, thereby effectively manage the crises. 

Confidentiality is key and we will offer you with an independent view, whilst providing you with a decisive short and/or long-term pathway, to manage any potential or actual crisis.  We will deal with your concerns and a report will be provided to the Board or in-house Counsel, thereby preventing Clients from further distraction from running its business or other objectives, or further wasting invaluable resources.

We can also strategically determine how the crisis could have been prevented, avoided or diminished, before it occurred, and developed into a problematic event.