ASV Law is a Litigation and Negotiation boutique firm founded in 2011, based in Mayfair, London and servicing Clients worldwide. We have a track record of resolving conflicts in our Clients' interests. ASV Law is known for its direct and laser focused approach to matters.
ASV Law specialises in facilitating settlements, bringing parties together and establishing credible mutually acceptable solutions. However, if it does not resolve and, in the event that disputes reach the High Court, other Higher courts, or arbitration, ASV Law provides Clients with robust, tenacious and effective representation, with over 25 years of International and high level Commercial and Civil litigation successes.
Our ability to act swiftly, decisively and discreetly ensures that our Clients avoid unnecessary public exposure and often pre-empts the need for expensive, time consuming litigation.
Commercial Litigation

ASV Law is known for its prestigious work in complex cross-border litigation and arbitration. The Firm represent Clients at national and international level, before administrative tribunals; in arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings; in mediations; in the High Court in London including the Technology & Constructions Court.  
We negotiate – We litigate – We protect is the Firm’s credos. Meaning, our belief is that the first port of call in order to achieve the best litigation result, is to negotiate. If negotiations fail, we are prepared to litigate always taking a Client-centric approach.

We are realistic when it comes to assessing whether litigation is the correct course of action and fully understand and share our understanding of the costs associated with litigation, with our Client. We will not pursue a case if we believe it does not have a good prospect of success. 

Our reach spans the globe and we have close business contacts in all major jurisdictions as well as more niche jurisdictions. Meaning; we have people on the ground who are able to provide swift and relevant advice at short notice. If we are unable to help, we will let you know and do our best to point you in the right direction at no cost to you. 

International Arbitration

ASV Law represents Clients in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and other specialist arbitral courts around the world.

The group is experienced in all aspects of international arbitration, from drafting dispute resolution clauses to representing Clients in high profile, cross-border, complex arbitrations as well as handling any related court proceedings. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

ASV Law is adviser to both public and private companies. The Firm advises on all types of M&A transactions, including negotiated and unsolicited acquisitions; domestic and cross-border public company mergers; private company transactions; joint ventures; and acquisitions of majority and minority interests. 

ASV Law also provides advice on corporate law issues to a variety of privately held corporations and partnerships. The Firm's Clients include large consumer products companies, companies in advertising, fashion, sports and other service industries, as well as start-up companies. 

ASV Law has extensive experience in areas such as management transitions, executive compensation, corporate governance, shareholder relations, initial public offerings and financing transactions.

Technology & Intellectual Property

Our practice works very closely with other core practice groups at the Firm, on all technology and IP aspects of public and private corporate transactions, including M&A, joint ventures, financings and restructurings. 

In addition to understanding law and technology, we are experienced and practical deal lawyers who understand how to structure, negotiate, and close complex transactions.

Sports Law

We advise in sports dispute resolution and sports arbitration, disciplinary cases, governance and compliance, regulation, sports integrity, football transfers, as well as commercial matters affecting sporting individuals and private and public companies. 

We act in a wide range of sports but specialise in motor sports and football. 

Many of our Clients are high profile sportspeople, managers, agents, owners and clubs for whom we often take on the role of a trusted advisor.

Betting & Gaming

Our Betting & Gaming lawyers have significant experience advising operators on licence applications, licensing issues and compliance with gambling regulations in the gambling sector including keeping Client’s up-to-date with LCCP regulations.

The Firm advises on commercial transactions, covering eSports, crypto-currencies and social gaming, alongside gaming and sportsbook. 

We offer Clients a genuine 'one-stop-shop', providing practical and commercial solutions in the most complex situations.

The Firm’s focus is on maximising our Clients’ opportunities through proactive and focussed commercial advice whilst avoiding  potential regulatory and commercial risk.